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Course Outlines

By Discipline


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Administration of Justice (AOJ)




Course ID         Course Name
AOJ-100 A-B Laws of Arrest
AOJ-101 A-D Firearms for PC 832 Laws of Arrest
AOJ-102 A-B

PC 832 Laws of Arrest

AOJ-104 Police Academy - Level II
AOJ-107 Corrections Academy
AOJ-110 Intro to Administration of Justice
AOJ-111 Intro to Security Management
AOJ-119 Public Safety Hiring Procedures
AOJ-120 Community Policing & Patrol Procedures
AOJ-122 Traffic Law & Enforcement
AOJ-125 Intro to Corrections
AOJ-140 Inmate Psychology & Supervision
AOJ-142 Legal Systems & Court Management
AOJ-143 Gangs & Law Enforcement
AOJ-144 Probation & Parole
AOJ-148 Fingerprint Identification
AOJ-150 Forensic Photography
AOJ-155 Digital Investigations
AOJ-158 Public Safety Dispatcher
AOJ-171 A-D Basic Security Academy
AOJ-172 A-D Advanced Security Academy
AOJ-200 Criminal Law
AOJ-201 Legal Aspects of Security Management
AOJ-202 Criminal Evidence
AOJ-204 Criminal Trial Process
AOJ-206 Criminal Investigation
AOJ-207 Investigative Techniques for Security Management
AOJ-208 Juvenile Procedures
AOJ-210 Leadership in Criminal Justice
AOJ-214 Public Service Internship
AOJ-215 Public Service Internship
AOJ-218 Crime Scene Technology
AOJ-220 Forensic Analysis
AOJ-224 Forensic Public Service Internship
AOJ-230 Public Safety Communications
AOJ-240 Community & the Justice System
AOJ-249 A Advanced Officer Course
AOJ-249 B Advanced Officer Course
AOJ-249 C Advanced Officer Course
AOJ-249 D Advanced Officer Course
AOJ-250 A Advanced Officer Course
AOJ-250 B Advanced Officer Course
AOJ-250 C Advanced Officer Course
AOJ-250 D Advanced Officer Course
AOJ-251 A Advanced Officer Course
AOJ-251 B Advanced Officer Course
AOJ-251 C Advanced Officer Course
AOJ-251 D Advanced Officer Course
AOJ-252 Advanced Forensic Photography
AOJ-254 Advanced Fingerprint Identification
AOJ-260 Information Security
AOJ-264 Terrorism & Homeland Security
AOJ-271 Action Plan-Ethical Leadership



American Sign Language (ASL)
Anthropology (ANTH)
Arabic (ARBC)
Art (ART)
Astronomy (ASTR)
Biological Sciences (BIO)
Business (BUS)




Course ID         Course Name
BUS-109 Elementary Accounting
BUS-110 Intro to Business
BUS-115 Human Relations in Business
BUS-118 Retail Management
BUS-120 Financial Accounting
BUS-121 Managerial Accounting
BUS-123 A-D Accounting Internship
BUS-125 Business Law
BUS-128 Business Communication
BUS-131 Intro to Transportation
BUS-133 Direct Mail Marketing
BUS-137 A-D Marketing Internship
BUS-140 Entrepreneurship: Developing a Business Plan
BUS-141 Entrepreneurship: Managing a New Business
BUS-142 Effective Sales-Skills Personal Selling & Persuasion
BUS-144 Advertising
BUS-146 Marketing
BUS-147 Social Media/Internet Marketing
BUS-148 Customer Relations Management
BUS-149 Consumer Behavior
BUS-152 Business Mathematics
BUS-155 Human Resources Management
BUS-156 Principles of Management
BUS-158 Intro Hospitality/Tourism Mgmt
BUS-159 A-D Management Internship
BUS-160 Hospitality Managerial Accounting/Controls
BUS-166 Hospitality & Tourism Law
BUS-176 Computerized Accounting Apps
BUS-195 Principles-Money Management for Success
BUS-197 Personal Ethics at Work
BUS-229 Property & Liability Insurance
BUS-231 Legal Office Procedures II
BUS-233 Personal Insurance
BUS-234 Commercial Insurance
BUS-235 Delivering Insurance Services
BUS-250 Intro International Business
BUS-251 Import/Export Procedures
BUS-252 Global Sourcing, Buying & Manufacturing
BUS-253 International Marketing: Expanding Exports
BUS-256 International Financial Transactions
BUS-257 International Transportation
BUS-258 Cultural Dimensions in International Business
BUS-259 Intro-Global Trade Operations
BUS-260 Global Trade Operations, Logistics
BUS-261 Global Trade Operations/Supply Chain Management
BUS-262 Global Trade Operations, Import Procedures
BUS-263 Global Trade Operations, Marketing & Export Procedures
BUS-264 Global Leadership
BUS-265 A-D Internship/International Business
BUS-266 Internship/International Business
BUS-267 Internship/International Business




Business Office Technology (BOT)    


Course ID         Course Name
BOT-086 Essential Skill/Workplace Success
BOT-094 Practical Internet Basics
BOT-095 Keyboarding Skill Reinforcement
BOT-096 Computer Basics for the Office
BOT-097 Windows Basics for the Office
BOT-100 Basic Keyboarding
BOT-101 A Keyboarding/Document Processing I
BOT-101 B Keyboarding/Document Processing II
BOT-102 A Intermediate Keyboard/Document Processing I
BOT-102 B Intermediate Keyboard/Document Processing II
BOT-103 A Building Keyboarding Skill I
BOT-103 B Building Keyboarding Skill II
BOT-103 C Building Keyboarding Skill III
BOT-104 Filing & Records Management
BOT-105 Data Entry Skills
BOT-106 Effective Job Search
BOT-107 Office Systems & Procedures
BOT-108 Use Calculators Solve Bus Problems
BOT-109 Elementary Accounting
BOT-110 BUS English & Communication
BOT-111 Virtual Assistant
BOT-113 Social Media Basics Job Seeker
BOT-114 Essential Word
BOT-115 Essential Excel
BOT-116 Essential Access
BOT-117 Essential PowerPoint
BOT-118 Integrated Office Projects
BOT-119 Windows for Information Worker
BOT-120 Comprehensive Word I
BOT-121 Comprehensive Word II
BOT-122 Comprehensive Word III
BOT-123 Comprehensive Excel I
BOT-124 Comprehensive Excel II
BOT-125 Comprehensive Excel III
BOT-126 Comprehensive Access I
BOT-127 Comprehensive Access II
BOT-128 Comprehensive Access III
BOT-129 Comprehensive PowerPoint I
BOT-130 Comprehensive PowerPoint II
BOT-132 Google Application for BUS
BOT-133 Adobe Acrobat for the Workplace
BOT-150 Using Microsoft Publisher
BOT-151 Using Microsoft Outlook
BOT-160 Speech Recognition Application
BOT-161 Medical Terminology
BOT-163 Intro Basic Insurance Principle
BOT-164 Computer Software for Insurance Industry
BOT-165 Medical Insurance Billing
BOT-167 Medical Coding
BOT-170 Medical Office Procedures
BOT-171 Microcomputer Business Application Lab
BOT-172 Intro Microcomputer Applications
BOT-176 Computerized Accounting Applications
BOT-179 Computerized Accounting Lab
BOT-223 Office Work Experience
BOT-224 Office Work Experience
BOT-225 Office Work Experience




Cardiovascular Technology (CVTE)




Course ID         Course Name
CVTE-100 Physical Principles of Medicine I
CVTE-101 Cardiovascular Physiology I
CVTE-102 Medical Instrumentation I
CVTE-103 Lab Practicum & Proficiency Testing I
CVTE-104 Electrocardiographic Theory
CVTE-105 Electrocardiographic Technique
CVTE-106 Advanced Electrocardiographic Studies
CVTE-107 Intro to Clinical Practicum
CVTE-108 Advanced Cardiac Monitoring
CVTE-109 X-Ray Physics/Radiation Safety
CVTE-110 Physical Principles of Medicine II
CVTE-111 Cardiovascular Physiology II
CVTE-113 Intro to Clinical Practicum II
CVTE-114 Cardiovascular Pharmacology
CVTE-115 Intro to Adult Electrocardiographic
CVTE-116 Intro to Invasive Cardiology
CVTE-117 Intro to Vascular Technology
CVTE-121 Clinical Practicum I - Adult Echocardiography
CVTE-122 Clinical Practicum I - Invasive Cardiology
CVTE-123 Clinical Practicum I - Vascular Technology
CVTE-130 Clinical Practicum
CVTE-220 Clinical Practicum II
CVTE-221 Diagnostic Procedures I - Adult Echocardiography
CVTE-222 Intervention Procedures: I: Invasive
CVTE-223 Diagnostic Procedures I - Vascular Technology
CVTE-225 Extended Experience in Clinical Practicum
CVTE-231 Clinical Practicum II - Adult Echocardiography
CVTE-232 Clinical Practicum II - Invasive Cardiology
CVTE-233 Clinical Practicum II -Vascular Technology
CVTE-250 Clinical Practicum III
CVTE-251 Diagnosis Procedures II - Adult Echocardiograph
CVTE-252 Intervention Procedures II - Invasive Cardiology
CVTE-253 Diagnostic Procedures II - Vascular Technology
CVTE-261 Clinical Practicum III - Adult Echocardiography
CVTE-262 Clinical Practicum III - Invasive Cardiology
CVTE-263 Clinical Practicum III - Vascular Technology




Chemistry (CHEM)
Child Development (CD)
Chinese (CHIN)
Communication (COMM)
Computer Science Information Systems (CSIS)    




Course ID         Course Name
CSIS-070 Drone Flight School
CSIS-071 Drone Cinematography
CSIS-072 Drone Surveying & Mapping
CSIS-105 Intro to Computing
CSIS-110 Principles/Information Systems
CSIS-111 Beginning Web Page Design
CSIS-112 Windows Operating Systems
CSIS-113 Intro Linux
CSIS-119 Intro to Computer Programming
CSIS-120 Computer Maintenance/A+ Certification
CSIS-121 Intro to Cybersecurity
CSIS-125 Network + Certification
CSIS-130 Windows Server: Installing/Configuring
CSIS-132 Intro to Web Development
CSIS-133 Intermediate Web Development
CSIS-135 JavaScript Programming
CSIS-145 Intro to TCP/IP
CSIS-147 Social Media/Internet Marketing
CSIS-151 Intro to Photoshop
CSIS-160 Intro to Video Game Development
CSIS-161 Intermediate Video Game Development
CSIS-165 Assembly Language/Machine Architecture
CSIS-180 Fundamentals Database Design
CSIS-195 Video Editing on the PC
CSIS-213 Linux System Administration
CSIS-230 Windows Server: Administering
CSIS-240 Discrete Structures
CSIS-250 Intro to Python Programming
CSIS-251 Interm Python/Data Structures
CSIS-255 Intro-Program Logic Controllers
CSIS-263 Security + Certification
CSIS-264 Ethical Cybersecurity Hacking
CSIS-265 Computer Forensics Fundamental
CSIS-276 Intro to SQL
CSIS-290 Intro to C# Programming
CSIS-291 Intermediate C# Programming
CSIS-293 Intro to Java Programming
CSIS-294 Intermediate Java Prog/Data Structures
CSIS-295 Android Application Develop With Java
CSIS-296 Intro to C++ Programming
CSIS-297 Intermediate C++ Programming




Counseling (COUN)
Culinary Arts (CA)


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Dance (DANC)




Course ID         Course Name
DANC-068 Intro to Dance
DANC-071A Studio Workshop-Tap Dance I
DANC-071 B Studio Workshop-Tap Dance II
DANC-072 A Studio Workshop-Modern Dance I
DANC-072 B Studio Workshop-Modern Dance II
DANC-074 A Studio Workshop-Jazz Dance I
DANC-074 B Studio Workshop-Jazz Dance II
DANC-078 A Studio Workshop-Ballet I
DANC-078 B Studio Workshop-Ballet II
DANC-080 A Modern I
DANC-080 B Modern II
DANC-080 C Modern III
DANC-080 D Modern IV
DANC-081 A Tap I
DANC-081 B Tap II
DANC-081 C Tap III
DANC-081 D Tap IV
DANC-082 A Social &  Ballroom Dance I
DANC-082 B Social &  Ballroom Dance II
DANC-083 A Latin American Dance I
DANC-083 B Latin American Dance II
DANC-084 A Jazz I
DANC-084 B Jazz II
DANC-084 C Jazz III
DANC-084 D Jazz IV
DANC-088 A Ballet I
DANC-088 B Ballet II
DANC-088 C Ballet III
DANC-088 D Ballet IV
DANC-094 A Hip Hop I
DANC-094 B Hip Hop II
DANC-094 C Hip Hop III
DANC-094 D Hip Hop IV
DANC-095 Musical Theatre Dance
DANC-099A Studio Workshop in Pointe I
DANC-099B Studio Workshop in Pointe II
DANC-099C Studio Workshop in Pointe III
DANC-110 Dance History
DANC-118 A Pilates I
DANC-118 B Pilates II
DANC-118 C Pilates III
DANC-118 D Pilates IV
DANC-120 Dance Appreciation
DANC-121 Beginning Teaching Practicum-Dance
DANC-122 Intermediate Teaching Practicum-Dance
DANC-123 Advanced Teaching Practicum-Dance
DANC-200 A Touring Dance Ensemble I
DANC-200 B Touring Dance Ensemble II
DANC-201 Dance Theatre Performance I
DANC-202 Dance Theatre Performance II
DANC-203 Dance Theatre Performance III
DANC-204 Dance Improvisation
DANC-205 Choreography I
DANC-206 Choreography II
DANC-223 Student Choreography for Production I
DANC-224 Student Choreography for Production II
DANC-225 Student Choreography for Production III
DANC-227 Performance Ensemble I
DANC-228 Performance Ensemble II
DANC-229 Performance Ensemble III
DANC-230 Performance Ensemble IV




Economics (ECON)
Education (ED)




Course ID         Course Name
ED-200 Teaching as a Profession




English (ENGL)




Course ID         Course Name
ENGL-020 Support-Freshman Composition
ENGL-061 Writing Skills I
ENGL-062 Writing Skills II
ENGL-063 Writing Skills III
ENGL-064 Writing Skills IV
ENGL-090 Basic English Skills
ENGL-090 R Reading Skills Development
ENGL-098 English Fundamentals
ENGL-098 R Reading Fundamentals
ENGL-099 Accelerated Preparation for College Reading, Reasoning, & Writing
ENGL-105 College Reading
ENGL-110 College Composition
ENGL-110 R Principles of College Reading
ENGL-118 Linguistic & English: An Introduction to Language
ENGL-120 College Composition & Reading
ENGL-122 Intro to Literature
ENGL-124 Advanced Composition: Critical Reasoning & Writing
ENGL-126 Intro to Creative Writing
ENGL-130 Short Fiction Writing I
ENGL-131 Short Fiction Writing II
ENGL-132 Short Fiction Writing III
ENGL-133 Short Fiction Writing IV
ENGL-134 Creative Nonfiction Writing I
ENGL-135 Creative Nonfiction Writing II
ENGL-136 Creative Nonfiction Writing III
ENGL-137 Creative Nonfiction Writing IV
ENGL-140 Poetry Writing I
ENGL-141 Poetry Writing II
ENGL-142 Poetry Writing III
ENGL-143 Poetry Writing IV
ENGL-145 Acorn Review: Edit/Product I
ENGL-146 Acorn Review: Edit/Product II
ENGL-147 Acorn Review: Edit/Product III
ENGL-148 Acorn Review: Edit/Product IV
ENGL-160 Drama Writing I
ENGL-161 Drama Writing II
ENGL-162 Drama Writing III
ENGL-163 Drama Writing IV
ENGL-175 Novel Writing I
ENGL-176 Novel Writing II
ENGL-177 Novel Writing III
ENGL-178 Novel Writing IV
ENGL-195 A-D Community Service Learning Exp
ENGL-201 Women, Gender, Sexuality in Literature
ENGL-203 Children's Literature
ENGL-215 Mythology
ENGL-217 Fantasy & Science Fiction
ENGL-218 Shakespeare-Plays & Theatre
ENGL-219 Views of Death & Dying in Literature
ENGL-221 British Literature I
ENGL-222 British Literature II
ENGL-231 American Literature I
ENGL-232 American Literature II
ENGL-236 Chicana/o Literature
ENGL-237 American Indian Literature
ENGL-238 Black Literature
ENGL-239 Asian American Literature
ENGL-271 World Literature II
ENGL-277 Literary Theme




English as a Second Language (ESL)    
Ethnic Studies (ETHN)    
Exercise Science & Wellness (ES)




Course ID         Course Name
ES-001 Adapted Physical Exercise
ES-002 Advanced Adapted Physical Exercise
ES-003 Adaptive Aerobic Fitness
ES-004 A Beginning Fitness for Newcomer
ES-004 B Intermediate Fitness for Newcomer
ES-004 C Advanced Fitness for Newcomer
ES-005 A Beginning Cardio Fit & Resistance Training
ES-005 B Intermediate Cardio Fit & Resistance Training
ES-005 C Advanced Cardio Fit & Resistance Training
ES-006 A Beginning Total Body Fitness
ES-006 B Intermediate Total Body Fitness
ES-006 C Advanced Total Body Fitness
ES-007 A Beginning Aerobic Walking -Fit/Well
ES-007 B Intermediate Aerobic Walking -Fit/Well
ES-007 C Advanced Aerobic Walking -Fit/Well
ES-008 A Beginning Indoor Cycling
ES-008 B Intermediate Indoor Cycling
ES-008 C Advanced Indoor Cycling
ES-009 A Beginning Aerobic Dance Exercise
ES-009 B Intermediate Aerobic Dance Exercise
ES-009 C Advanced Aerobic Dance Exercise
ES-016 A Beginning Trail Running
ES-016 B Intermediate Trail Running
ES-016 C Advanced Trail Running
ES-017 A Beginning Trail Hiking
ES-017 B Intermediate Trail Hiking
ES-017 C Advanced Trail Hiking
ES-021 A Beginning Fit Chronic Disease/Injury Prevention
ES-021 B Intermediate Fit Chronic Disease/Injury Prevention
ES-021 C Advanced Fit Chronic Disease/Injury Prevention
ES-022 Total Body Conditioning
ES-023 A Beginning Resistance Training
ES-023 B Intermediate Resistance Training
ES-023 C Advanced Resistance Training
ES-024 A Beginning Fitness Boot Camp
ES-024 B Intermediate Fitness Boot Camp
ES-024 C Advanced Fitness Boot Camp
ES-026 Stress Reduction-Movement & Mind
ES-027 A Beginning T'ai Chi Ch'uan
ES-027 B Intermediate T'ai Chi Ch'uan
ES-027 C Advanced T'ai Chi Ch'uan
ES-028 A Beginning Yoga
ES-028 B Intermediate Yoga
ES-028 C Advanced Yoga
ES-029 Adapted Yoga
ES-030 Adaptive Aquatic Sports ED
ES-035 Adaptive Swimming
ES-037 A Beginning Springboard Diving
ES-037 B Intermediate Springboard Diving
ES-037 C Advanced Springboard Diving
ES-039 Swimming for Nonswimmers
ES-040 A Beginning Aquatic Fitness
ES-040 B Intermediate Aquatic Fitness
ES-040 C Advanced Aquatic Fitness
ES-041 Adapted Water Aerobics
ES-043 A Beginning Swimming
ES-043 B Intermediate Swimming
ES-043 C Advanced Swimming
ES-044 A Beginning Lap Swim/Health & Fitness
ES-044 B Intermediate Lap Swim/Health & Fitness
ES-044 C Advanced Lap Swim/Health & Fitness
ES-047 Lifeguard Training
ES-051 Red Cross Water Safety Instructors
ES-060 A Beginning Badminton
ES-060 B Intermediate Badminton
ES-060 C Advanced Badminton
ES-061 A Beginning Pickleball
ES-061 B Intermediate Pickleball
ES-061 C Advanced Pickleball
ES-076 A Beginning Tennis
ES-076 B Intermediate Tennis
ES-076 C Advanced Tennis
ES-115 A Beginning Basketball
ES-115 B Intermediate Basketball
ES-115 C Advanced Basketball
ES-125 A Beginning Golf
ES-125 B Intermediate Golf
ES-125 C Advanced Golf
ES-130 A Beginning Gymnastics
ES-130 B Intermediate Gymnastics
ES-130 C Advanced Gymnastics
ES-170 A Beginning Soccer
ES-170 B Intermediate Soccer
ES-170 C Advanced Soccer
ES-171 A Beginning Softball
ES-171 B Intermediate Softball
ES-171 C Advanced Softball
ES-172 A Beginning Baseball
ES-172 B Intermediate Baseball
ES-172 C Advanced Baseball
ES-175 A Beginning Volleyball
ES-175 B Intermediate Volleyball
ES-175 C Advanced Volleyball
ES-176 A Beginning Beach Volleyball
ES-176 B Intermediate Beach Volleyball
ES-176 C Advanced Beach Volleyball
ES-180 Self Defense for Women
ES-185 A Beginning Fencing
ES-185 B Intermediate Fencing
ES-185 C Advanced Fencing
ES-194 Community Service Learning Experience
ES-200 Condition & Injury Prevention/Athletics
ES-201 Condition/Injury Prevention - Football
ES-202 Condition/Injury Prevention Volleyball
ES-203 Intercollegiate Baseball
ES-204 Advanced Techniques/Strategies Baseball
ES-206 Intercollegiate Basketball
ES-207 Advanced Techniques/Strategies Basketball
ES-208 Advanced Techniques/Strategies Cross Country
ES-209 Intercollegiate Cross Country
ES-210 Intercollegiate Badminton
ES-211 Advanced Techniques/Strategies Badminton
ES-212 Intercollegiate Football
ES-214 Advanced Techniques/Strategies Football
ES-215 Intercollegiate Softball
ES-216 Advanced Techniques/Strategies Softball
ES-218 Intercollegiate Soccer
ES-219 Advanced Techniques/Strategies Soccer
ES-221 Intercollegiate Swimming
ES-222 Advanced Techniques/Strategies Swimming
ES-224 Intercollegiate Tennis
ES-225 Advanced Techniques/Strategies Tennis
ES-228 Intercollegiate Beach Volleyball
ES-229 Advanced Techniques/Strategies Beach Volleyball
ES-230 Intercollegiate Volleyball
ES-231 Advanced Techniques/Strategies Volleyball
ES-233 Intercollegiate Water Polo
ES-234 Advanced Techniques/Strategies Water Polo
ES-240 Athletic Competition
ES-250 Intro to Kinesiology
ES-253 Physical Education in Elementary Schools
ES-255 Care & Prevention of Athletic Injuries
ES-262 Analysis/Theory Football-Offense
ES-263 Analysis/Theory Football-Defense
ES-264 Analysis/Theory Intercollegiate Sport
ES-290 Teaching Techniques & Methods in Exercise Science
ES-291 Anatomy/Kinesiology Fitness Specialist
ES-292 Exercise Physiology Specialist
ES-293 Strength Training/Fitness Assessments
ES-294 Exercise Program Design & Special Populations
ES-296 Internship Seminar for Fitness Specialist
ES-297 Internship for Fitness Specialist




Family Studies (FS)  




Course ID         Course Name
FS-110 Life Management
FS-115 Changing American Family
FS-120 Human Development
FS-129 Intro to Human Aging




French (FREN)
Gender Studies (GEND)
Geography (GEOG)
Geology (GEOL)
German (GERM)

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Health Education (HED)




Course ID         Course Name
HED-101 Keys/Successful Weight Control
HED-105 Health Education for Teachers
HED-120 Personal Health & Lifestyles
HED-122 Environmental/Community Health
HED-201 Intro to Public Health




History (HIST)
Humanities (HUM)
Interdisciplinary Studies (IDS)




Course ID         Course Name
IDS-198 Supervised Tutoring




Italian (ITAL)
Japanese (JAPN)
Library Information Resources (LIR)




Course ID         Course Name
LIR-110 Research Methods Online World




Mathematics (MATH)
Media Communications (MCOM)
Music (MUS)




Course ID         Course Name
MUS-001 Music Fundamentals
MUS-002 Ear Training I
MUS-003 Ear Training II
MUS-004 Ear Training III
MUS-005 Ear Training IV
MUS-038 Chorale for Adult Learner
MUS-050 Orchestra for Adult Learner
MUS-090 Prep Performance Studies I
MUS-091 Prep Performance Studies II
MUS-101 Jazz Improvisation I
MUS-102 Jazz Improvisation II
MUS-105 Music Theory & Practice I
MUS-106 Music Theory & Practice II
MUS-110 Great Music Listening
MUS-111 History of Jazz
MUS-115 History of Rock Music
MUS-116 Intro to World Music
MUS-117 Intro Music History & Literature
MUS-118 Intro to Music
MUS-123 History of Hip Hop Culture
MUS-124 Classical Guitar I
MUS-125 Classical Guitar II
MUS-126 Class Guitar I
MUS-127 Class Guitar II
MUS-128 Music Theory for Guitar I
MUS-129 Music Theory for Guitar II
MUS-130 Beginning Bass Guitar
MUS-132 Class Piano I
MUS-133 Class Piano II
MUS-134 Jazz & Pop Piano I
MUS-135 Jazz & Pop Piano II
MUS-136 Chamber Singers
MUS-137 Chamber Singers
MUS-138 Grossmont Master Chorale
MUS-139 Grossmont Master Chorale
MUS-140 String Orchestra
MUS-141 String Orchestra
MUS-142 Middle Eastern Ensemble
MUS-143 Middle Eastern Ensemble
MUS-148 Classical Guitar Ensemble
MUS-149 Classical Guitar Ensemble
MUS-150 Grossmont Symphony Orchestra
MUS-151 Grossmont Symphony Orchestra
MUS-152 Concert Band
MUS-153 Concert Band
MUS-154 Afro-Cuban Ensemble
MUS-155 Afro-Cuban Ensemble
MUS-156 Jazz Ensemble
MUS-157 Jazz Ensemble
MUS-160 Intro Afro-Cuban Percussion
MUS-164 Musical Theatre Orchestra
MUS-165 Musical Theatre Orchestra
MUS-166 Jazz Vocal Ensemble
MUS-167 Jazz Vocal Ensemble
MUS-168 Jazz Combo Performance I
MUS-169 Jazz Combo Performance II
MUS-170 Class Voice
MUS-171 Class Voice
MUS-172 Musical Theatre Chorale
MUS-173 Musical Theatre Chorale
MUS-174 Gospel Choir
MUS-175 Gospel Choir
MUS-180 Modern Drumset Technique I
MUS-181 Modern Drumset Technique II
MUS-183 Basic Synthesizer Programming
MUS-187 Midi Sequencing & Recording
MUS-189 Multimedia & Creative Arts
MUS-190 Performance Studies
MUS-191 Performance Studies
MUS-201 Jazz Improvisation III
MUS-202 Jazz Improvisation IV
MUS-203 Jazz Piano III
MUS-204 Jazz Piano IV
MUS-205 Music Theory & Practice III
MUS-206 Music Theory & Practice IV
MUS-210 Elements of Jazz I
MUS-211 Elements of Jazz II
MUS-212 Piano III
MUS-213 Piano IV
MUS-224 Classical Guitar III
MUS-226 Class Guitar III
MUS-232 Class Piano III
MUS-233 Classical Guitar IV
MUS-238 Grossmont Master Chorale
MUS-239 Grossmont Master Chorale
MUS-240 String Orchestra
MUS-241 String Orchestra
MUS-242 Middle Eastern Ensemble
MUS-243 Middle Eastern Ensemble
MUS-248 Classical Guitar Ensemble
MUS-249 Classical Guitar Ensemble
MUS-250 Grossmont Symphony Orchestra
MUS-251 Grossmont Symphony Orchestra
MUS-252 Concert Band
MUS-253 Concert Band
MUS-254 Afro-Cuban Ensemble
MUS-255 Afro-Cuban Ensemble
MUS-256 Jazz Ensemble
MUS-257 Jazz Ensemble
MUS-264 Musical Theatre Orchestra
MUS-265 Musical Theatre Orchestra
MUS-266 Jazz Vocal Ensemble
MUS-267 Jazz Vocal Ensemble
MUS-268 Jazz Combo Performance III
MUS-269 Jazz Combo Performance IV
MUS-270 Class Voice
MUS-271 Class Voice
MUS-272 Musical Theatre Chorale
MUS-273 Musical Theatre Chorale
MUS-290 Performance Studies
MUS-291 Performance Studies




Nursing (NURS)
Nutrition (NUTR)
Occupational Therapy Assistant (OTA)
Oceanography (OCEA)
Orthopedic Technology (OT)

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Personal Development - Special Services (PDSS)
Philosophy (PHIL)
Photography (PHOT)
Physical Science (PSC)
Physics (PHYC)
Political Science (POSC)
Psychology (PSY)
Religious Studies (RELG)