English and Social/Behavioral Sciences


Courses in the English, Social and Behavioral Sciences are designed to assist students toward a better understanding of the cultures and histories of people and institutions in a complex world that involves the dynamic patterns of social, political, economic and human factors. The problems we face can best be solved by examining them in a scientific manner within their proper historical context. The English, Social and Behavioral Sciences Division strives to bring the tools of scientific methodology to the study of people, past and present. Grossmont College offers most of the basic lower division courses in Anthropology, Cross-Cultural Studies, English, English as a Second Language (ESL), History, Philosophy, Political Economy, Psychology, Religious Studies, Social Science (inter-disciplinary), and Sociology.


Many courses satisfy general education requirements at Grossmont and at four-year colleges and universities. In addition, the courses offered fulfill some or all lower division requirements for a variety of majors.

English, Social and Behavioral Sciences
Agustin Albarran, Dean, 7161
MaryAnn Landry,
 Administrative Assistant III


American Collegiate English
Natalia Aylett
ext. 7493

Behavioral Sciences
Israel Cardona
ext. 7784

Dr. Cindi Davis-Harris

ext. 7502

Sarah Steliga

ext. 7853

English: Learning Skills
Alan Traylor
ext. 7507

English as a Second Language
Mark Poupard
ext. 3947

Project Success
Michelle Crooks

ext. 644-3912

Dr. Angela Feres
ext. 7473

Philosophy, Religious Studies
Dr. June Yang
ext. 7274


Political Economy: Economics, Political Science
Todd Myers
ext. 7848