Security Management




The Security Management program leads to a Certificate and/or Associate Degree and is designed to prepare individuals for entry level management positions in loss prevention, risk management and asset protection. The career field is universal and global in scope. Career opportunities exist in a wide variety of public and private organizations including contract service, government, healthcare, industrial, entertainment, sports, retail, and transportation environments. Some government agencies and private corporations employ security personnel to work at or with U.S. Government facilities and business sites in foreign countries. Salaries for security managers are competitive with those found in public law enforcement and business management occupations.


Security Management Degree Plan

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Semester One

AOJ 110

AOJ 111

AOJ 201

AOJ 207


Note: take classes semester offered


Can back-fill courses with GE courses


Recommend summer courses for: AOJ 110 and / or GE lecture


Semester Two

AOJ 240

AOJ 230

AOJ 260

AOJ 264

Semester Three

GE Classes

Semester Four

 GE Classes


Any student who chooses to complete only the courses required (24 units) for the major qualifies for a certificate in Security Management. An official request must be filed with the Admissions and Records Office prior to the deadline as stated in the Academic Calendar.

In addition, we also have a 48-hour Security Academy for entry-level security officers.


Note: To advance quickly to top level management positions, Associate degree graduates are encouraged to pursue a bachelor's degree in business administration. However, students should be aware that upper division bachelor-degree in business administration programs may require specific lower division (freshman-sophomore) prerequisites. Students who wish to transfer to a university upper division business school or college should consult with the "receiving institution" to identify all lower division prerequisite courses that may be completed at Grossmont College as part of the general education/ elective requirements in the associate degree program.


You may want to visit ASIS  for more information on Security Management.


Students should be aware that prior felony or any misdemeanor or felony domestic violence convictions, and some psychological holds, are disqualifying. TROs (Temporary Restraining Orders) can also be a disqualifier. Prior substance abuse (including marijuana) and other disqualifiers may apply in specific positions related to law enforcement or forensics.