Field Evidence Technician (FET)


Field Evidence Technician



Next offering: June 12 - 15, 2023

  • 8:00am - 6:50pm (includes 1-hour lunch)
  • POST Certified - 40-Hours
  • POST CC# 3680-31550-22
  • AOJ 251D - Advanced Officer Course
  • Room 31-125
  • Tuition $115
  • Free Parking


This course is designed for professionals in the law enforcement or forensics field.

For priority registration, all professionals should email the AOJ office for approval to register for this course prior to TBD.  Please include agency name and job title.

AOJ students with 18 units or more in Administration of Justice (AOJ) may enroll in this course after TBD, with approval.  Please contact the AOJ office for more information or to be placed on a waiting list or for registration verification. Please include a copy of your academic history from Self-Service.


This course will provide hands-on training in how to process a crime scene. Topics include: recognizing items of evidentiary value; proper evidence collection and preservation including biological, trace, impression, firearm and fingerprint evidence; crime scene photography including various types of scenes, evidence, victim, and suspect photography; crime scene measuring, sketching and diagramming; special types of cases will also be discussed including arson, bomb, child abuse, officer-involved shootings, sexual assaults, dumped bodies, and clandestine labs.

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For the Advanced Officer Course, type AOJ-251 (and corresponding letter A-D).