Latent Print Analysis


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Next offering: TBD

  • 8:00am - 4:20pm (includes 30-minute lunch)
  • POST Certified - 40-Hours
  • POST CC# 3680-21202-
  • AOJ 251 - Advanced Officer Course
  • Room 34-111 Forensics Lab
  • Tuition $115
  • Parking $2.00 per day

This course is designed for professionals in the law enforcement or forensics field.

For priority registration, all professionals should email the AOJ office for approval to register for this course prior to TBD.  Please include agency name, job title, education and years of experience.

AOJ students with 18 units or more in Administration of Justice (AOJ), including AOJ 148- Fingerprinting and AOJ 254 -Advanced Fingerprinting, may enroll in this course after TBD, with approval.  Please contact the AOJ office for more information or to be placed on a waiting list.  Please include a copy of your academic history, which can be downloaded in Self-Service and your phone number.  


This course is designed to provide students who are new to forensics, as well as those who are familiar with friction ridge science, and have an understanding of the analysis of latent prints.  This course will develop fundamental knowledge of the discipline of latent print analysis and the application of ACE-V method to actual casework..

For registration verification, please email the AOJ office.



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Before you register for class, you must have an application with Grossmont College on file, and it takes 24 hours to process your application. If you are a returning student, and have been absent for more than one year, you must re-apply to the college.  


You can only register for classes at your registration date and time or after through your Self-Service account.


For the Advanced Officer Course, type AOJ-251 (and corresponding letter A-D).