Veterans Resource Center (VRC)


The Veterans Resource Center (VRC) on campus is located in building 36-100. The VRC is staffed by VA work study students, School Certifying Officials (SCOs) and Counselors. They provide assistance to all students, prospective, new and continuing whether using VA education benefits or not.


NOTE: The Cal Vet Fee Waiver is NOT processed in the VRC. Please see link listed under Related Information for more information about processing the Cal Vet Fee Waiver at Grossmont College. 


 Grossmont College is approved to Certify the following VA Education Benefits:

Certification for VA Education Benefits

To process your certification for VA Education Benefits at Grossmont College (GC) you must first register for classes and then submit the following documents to

  • DD214 member 4 copy (not required if you are a guest student at GC)
  • Certificate of Eligibility- this document is mailed to you from the VA after you apply for education benefits and it states the benefit you are eligible for, the percentage and how many months of benefits you have. Veterans only, if you have applied for your VA benefits but have not received this document you can submit a copy of the page showing you applied for the benefits (not required to submit this form if you are a guest student at GC).
  • Grossmont College Intent Form or Grossmont College Guest Student Intent Form (one of these forms must be submitted every semester that you would like to receive benefits).
  • Cuyamaca Guest Student Form & Grossmont College Parent School Letter (only if you are taking courses at Cuyamaca & your major is at GC)
  • Statement of Understanding (only new students, not required for continuing students)
  • Transcripts from all previously attended colleges and universities are required for incoming transfer students. Certification process will not begin until all letters of non attendance and or transcripts from previous institutions are submitted and evaluated for Grossmont credit.

A course will be determined as a RESIDENT course if its course description on Self-Service contains a meeting date, time and students are required to come to campus. Hybrid courses are considered resident. Example: Section XXXX will meet 08/17/2020-12/14/2020 Tuesday 6:00-8:55PM, Lecture, Bldg 10 100. Course descriptions for RESIDENT courses are worded many different ways, but they will always contain a meeting date, time and physical location. Regardless of wording, HYFLEX courses DO NOT qualify as RESIDENT courses.


You only need to be registered in one RESIDENT course for the term you want to be considered resident. For example if all of your courses start April 5, 2023 you only need one resident course to be considered resident for the duration of the resident course.


If you are unsure about whether a class is considered “RESIDENT” or “DISTANCE” for VA certification purposes, please contact your Certifying Official for clarification. Your Certifying Officials’ information is listed below.


Full Time Certification

Enrollment in 12.0 units is considered full-time for the full semester.

Enrollment in 6.0 units is considered full-time for each 8-week session.

Enrollment in 4.0 units is considered full-time for each 6-week session.

Enrollment in 3.0 units is considered full-time for each 4-week session.


School Certifying Officials (SCOs)

Kerri Etzel  619.644.7178

Sarai Garcia 619.644.7166


The VRC is designed to serve the needs of qualifying active duty service members, veterans and dependents who are eligible for VA education benefits. Student will receive assistance in filing for benefits, updating information on various forms, and in corresponding with the Veterans Administration, which includes advocacy in problem cases and related matters.