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Prospective and current first year students, we are here to support you and your academic, career, and personal goals. We offer in-person and virtual counseling services to meet your needs and preferences.  Drop-in counseling is offered year-round to address immediate needs, such as which courses you need for the upcoming semester. 


Summer 2024 Drop Ins:

  • Coming Soon!
  • You may drop in using the schedule link above or in-person at the FYE office 


Counseling appointments are an opportunity to meet with a counselor for an hour to discuss academic, career, and personal goals, and to develop your Comprehensive Education Plan (CEP), which will act as a roadmap and assist you with future registration.


To make an appointment or jump into a drop-in, please log into e-SARs. If you have any issues, please email us at: and we will assist you.


You can watch this video on how to access FYE drop ins!