Distinguished Faculty


Eligibility for award: Full-time tenured faculty and Part Time faculty
Selected by: Campus Selection Committee (Faculty) from pool of candidates nominated and forwarded by Division Selection Committee.
Process organized by: Academic Senate Officers Committee
Selection criteria: Four criteria established by Academic Senate.
Nominee should show a commitment to excellence:
  1. In teaching, or in the performance of other assigned duties;
  2. As a faculty member who has contributed to his/her discipline;
  3. Through an active and involved role in campus affairs; and
  4. By involvement in the community as a representative of the college.
Selection schedule: Nominations solicited in the late spring. Recipient(s) announced in August during President's Convocation.
Other recognition: Presentation to Governing Board; Photo in Library; Photo and Bio appear in college catalog; acknowledgement at the Annual Recognition Awards Ceremony; Leads Commencement march at graduation ceremony; Story and photo in Campus Scene, press release distribution. Recipient(s) receive a $500 award, funded by the Foundation Office, and receive medallions.



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