Math, Engineering & Science Achievement


The MESA program provides students with holistic support and the resources needed to achieve academic success paving the way for exciting careers in the STEM fields. Unlock your potential and excel in Math, Engineering, and Science at Grossmont College's MESA Program, where innovation meets education to shape the scientists, engineers, and leaders of tomorrow!



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Ensuring Success


Ensuring student success

How does the MESA program ensure student success?

  • We fulfill the NEEDS of our STEM students
    • Networking with other students, industry professionals, and STEM professionals
    • Exploring options for STEM careers
    • Encouragement of our STEM students
    • Diversity of student population and STEM majors
    • Support from other students and campus services
    • We provide our students with the key to success in STEM courses: learning culture!
      • All students have the potential to succeed in STEM with the correct mindset
      • All students must have the commitment necessary to accept responsitility for their actions and seek solutions for challenges and obstacles
      • All students must have self-advocacy (i.e., fight for yourself) to become ready for college
      • All students must embrace their vulnerability to become a successful student




  •  Academic and transfer counseling
  • Tutoring support
  • Career skills workshops
  • Scholarship, internship, and summer research opportunities
  • Study center - building 36; room 225




  •  Must be a registered Grossmont College student
  • Must be a declared STEM major
  • Must be eligible for financial aid 

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