Status of Your Financial Aid Application


Financial Aid information is accessed online through WebAdvisor. To view your financial aid status for Grossmont College via Self-Service, you must have an admissions application on file and you must have been assigned a Colleague User ID. If you are a continuing student, you would access Self-Service as you have in the past when you registered for classes. After you log in and click the 'Students' link to the right, you will have the opportunity to select the 'Grossmont Financial Aid' link at the bottom left of the page. For step-by-step instructions on how to access your Financial Aid information online, please watch the video below:



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If you are a new student and have not already submitted an admissions application for Grossmont College, please go to Apply-Enroll and click the 'Apply Online' link on the left. Within two business days of submitting an admissions application, you will be assigned a User ID and will be able to access Self-Service to view your financial aid status.