Online Only Course Enrollment

Federal and State regulations prohibit colleges from offering distance education to students residing in another state without prior approval from that state. Grossmont College does not currently have formal approval from other states to offer distance education to students residing in their respective state. As a result, students who are enrolled entirely in on-line courses at Grossmont College must prove that they are physically living in California during that semester to be eligible for federal aid for the term. This is regardless of your documented residency status in Admissions & Records.

Students must verify their place of residence with the Financial Aid Office.


This can be done by:

  • submitting the On-line Only Course Enrollment form (In Person Only)


  • submitting a copy of a recent^:
    • Utility bill (cable, water, gas & electric)

    • Rental agreement which verifies residence at a California address

    • Bank Statements, cell phone bill, insurance bill, credit card bill, car insurance**

      **You will be required to turn in an additional statement explaining why you don't have any utility bills under your name.

  • If none of the above can be provided, you will need to contact your Financial Aid Advisor.

^Note: Please do not e-mail or fax any documents. Documents submitted should be dated within the semester that you are enrolled entirely in on-line courses.


Students who are enrolled entirely on-line coursework and who are residing in another state will not be eligible for Financial Aid Disbursements from Grossmont College.


If you have any questions about these distance education requirements or to verify where you currently residing, please contact the Financial Aid Office by calling (619) 644-7129.