Academic & Career pathways., journeys., avenues., paths.

At Grossmont College, we'll help you discover your interests and strengths, explore majors and careers, and chart a pathway to the future you want. Confused or unsure about want you want to do for a career? There are lots of options. Explore our seven academic and career pathways that will lead you to a rewarding career or prepare you for transfer to a four-year baccalaureate program. If you do not see yourself in one of these pathways, please see a counselor. 

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Explore our Academic and Career Pathways

Once you know where you want to go, it’s time to chart out how you’ll get there. Choose a Grossmont program and see a sample roadmap/schedule to help you see how to get there.



Management, entrepreneurship, marketing, economics, and administration

Health Sciences

Caring for your community.



Explore how humans think, get along, and live.


Language and Communication

Understanding the world through language

Social and Behavioral Sciences

Create change, study human behavior, improve society


Visual & Performing Arts

Creativity, artistry, human expression.



There's a path for you at Grossmont College


Find your Path

Discover your interests and see how they connect to your programs and careers.


Check out our first year EXPLORATORY PLANS that allow you to start your path.

Explore our ENGLISH as a SECOND LANGUAGE Options.

Fast Track Career Paths

Our Fast Track Career options give you the chance to go beyond the book, learn hands-on career skills from real industry veterans, and connect with San Diego employers along the way. The workforce is waiting. With Career Education from Grossmont College, your future is bright and is just around the corner! 

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