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Health Services

Hepatitis B

Vaccine Cost: $38 (Cash or Check only)

Titer Cost: $7 (Cash or Check Only)

Hepatitis B is a disease that can cause liver problems. You will need to get 3 Hepatitis B injections over a 4 month period or prove you have had the injections. If you believe you have had the injections, bring your vaccination proof to our office. If you think you had all three injections but you have no proof, then you may get a Hepatitis B Titer drawn - this is a blood test to prove immunity to Hepatitis B.

There are 3 injections given months apart.

  • Take first shot

  • One month (30 days) following first shot, take second shot

  • Five Months (150 days) following second shot, take third shot

  • You can have > above days days between shots, but cannot take shots with less time than stated between shots

  • One-two months following third shot you must have Hepatitis B Titer (Blood draw) to test for immunity to Hepatitis B.

You may not get the Hepatitis injections at our office if you:

  1. Are allergic to molds, yeast, latex or if you are allergic to any components of the vaccination. Ask your doctor.
  2. Are pregnant or breast feeding. Ask you doctor.
  3. Are infected with any acute illness or chronic immunosuppressive disease. Ask you doctor.
  4. Are on any anticoagulant medication or have a bleeding disorder. Ask your doctor.
  5. Take medication, chemotherapy or radiation treatments that suppress your immune system. Ask you doctor.
  6. Have had prior reaction to a Hepatitis vaccination or other related vaccination.
  7. Have ever had hepatitis B.
  8. Have ever been diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis.
Last Updated: 08/29/2018


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