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Canvas Overview

The decision to move from Blackboard to Canvas was made in May 2016 upon the recommendation of the academic senates from Grossmont and Cuyamaca colleges and numerous committees.

This website will provide documentation and support for the transition to Canvas. See the Implementation Timeline for information about when the implementation will take place.

What is Canvas, and what can it do?

Canvas is a relatively new learning management system (LMS) similar to Blackboard. Canvas is known for its user-friendly online environment and ability to easily connect instructors and students both in and out of the classroom. Canvas includes basic LMS functionality for managing enrollments, sharing documents, submitting assignments, and assigning grades, as well as personalized features for individual students.

Blackboard/Canvas Comparison (PDF)

Try Canvas Now

We will get our Canvas server for GCCCD in October 2016. Until then, faculty can create a free Canvas account by going to, then click the "Need a Canvas Account? Click Here, It's Free!" link. Watch the video below to see how this works.

Once your test account is set up, access Canvas at

We do not expect anyone to teach using the free Canvas account. The free version does not have plagiarism checking and has limited support for publisher content. There are a few other limitations to the free version. This service is provided so faculty can begin learning and creating their course content in Canvas.

Last Updated: 09/29/2016
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