Welcome to Grossmont College

Grossmont College is committed to helping students achieve their educational and career objectives. Here are the 5 steps to become a Griffin!

Picture of Grossmont student services building

Submit an
Online Application

Submit an Online Application

The application is free! Before you register for classes, you must fill out an online application to the college. Grossmont College uses CCCApply to provide students with a quick,easy and a secure way to apply to the college.

Complete the New
Student Orientation

Complete the New Student Orientation

All students should complete our online orientation that provides students with information on the programs offered at the college, student support services available, how to register for classes and more important information for students.

Assessment and

Assessment and Placement

Assessment tests in English or English as a Second Language (ESL) and Math measure your skills in those subjects. The results of your assessment tests determine which level English and Math class you start with at Grossmont College. Students may be exempt from taking the assessment test depending on their high school coursework, AP scores or Math/English taken at another college.

Ed. Plan

Create your Abbreviated Education Plan

This is a 1-2 term plan that is designed to meet your educational goals. A follow-up appointment with a counselor is highly recommended once you have declared your major.

& Pay

Register and Pay for Classes

Once you have your abbreviated educational plan, be sure to register and pay for your classes. You will need to log-in to WebAdvisor in order to register for your classes.