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College Key Performance Indicators

Student Success Key Performance Indicators are the metrics we use to evaluate how we are doing as a college. Some are required by the State and some are areas we have decided to assess for ourselves. These data are compiled and reported annually by the GCCCD Research, Planning and Institutional Effectiveness Office. The KPI Report is finalized in late spring/early summer each year for the data of the previous academic year. For example, the 2015 Student Success KPI Report includes outcome through the end of Spring 2014. Full reports (all 200 pages or so) are available via links at the bottom of this page. 

KPI Report Summaries are also compiled by College Planning Office for at-a-glance summaries of a few focal KPI each year. These documents also include our college Standard and Targets for comparison. The college-set Standards (our minimum expectation for ourselves) and Targets (our aspirational goals) are established and reviewed annually by the Institutional Excellence Council at the May meeting. Discussion of these decisions is found in the minutes of the meeting on the IEC home page

Annual KPI Report Summaries

These documents provide a quick overview of how the college is doing on a core subset of our KPI metrics.  Each metric is shown for the past 5 years and the current year is compared with the last year.  College-set targets and standards for each metric are also shown so that evaluation of our results can be made. These reports are reviewed by the Institutional Excellence Council at the May meeting each year with three goals: 1) potentially revise which of the metrics are included in the summary; 2) evaluate our performance relative to the targets and standards; 3) change the targets/standards if changes in the data or college conditions warrant. 

KPI Summary 2018: Reports on 5 years of data, ending with the 2016-17 Academic Year

*This summary includes a revised method of calculating transfer students. The list of KPI Summary measures to be reported in 2019 will be re-evaluated at the upcoming September 2018 IEC meeting.

KPI Summary 2017: Reports on 5 years of data, ending with the 2015-16 Academic Year

KPI Summary 2016: Reports on 5 years of data, ending with the 2014-15 Academic Year

*Targets and Standards were reviewed and modified at the May 2016 meeting of the Institutional Effectiveness Council and the 2016 KPI Summary has been updated with the 2017 goals.

KPI Summary 2015: Reports on 5 years of data, ending with the 2013-14 Academic Year

KPI Summary 2014: Reports on 5 years of data, ending with the 2012-13 Academic Year

Annual KPI Reports

KPI Report 2017--coming soon!

KPI Report 2016

KPI Report 2015


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