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Monday, April 24

2 - 3:15 PM, Griffin Gate (Bldg. 60)


student panel 

Join Grossmont College students from Julie Cardenas’s Introduction to Literature and PUENTE courses as they celebrate and present passionate arguments as to why literature—perhaps more than ever—matters. This year's presenters are
  • Kaitlin D'eimon
  • Tim Burton
  • Kevin Rupe
  • Leana Barfield
  • Bryanna Jackson
  • Caroline Ceceña


poet Denise Benavides7 - 8:15 PM, Griffin Gate (Bldg. 60)


Poet & Performance Artist

reading & book signing

Oakland-based Denise Benavides, Queer Xicana Poet and Performance Artist, shares her work with urgency—using the stage/page to confront themes of xenophobia, relocation, sexuality, religion, and love. Always, love. She writes to document, to archive, and to hold space for what has been lost. She is currently touring with her first book, Split, from Kórima Press.  An alumnus of Grossmont College, she holds an MFA in Creative Writing and currently teaches at Skyline College. 



Poets and Writers Inc logo 

This event is supported in part by Poets & Writers through grants it has received from The James Irvine Foundation and the Hearst Foundations.


poems by Denise Benavides

Split, poems by Denise Benavidesfrom Kórima Press

"Denise Benavides’s debut collection Split is a dedication to motherlessness and abandon—to a nightly killing and rebirths. At its worst, it is all teeth masticating through the body in an attempt to interrogate and cut out what no longer serves the Self. It is a collection not meant for the weak, but for those willing to walk through what haunts them the most."



On-line Resources


Denise Benavides's official website:

Denise Benavides on Facebook:

Purchase Split from Kórima Press:

Purchase Split on Amazon: 


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