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Computer Science Information Systems
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Clifton Quinn
Department Chair
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Computer Science and Information Systems

CSIS is a combination of both Computer Science and Information Systems, which have some similarities, yet are quite different.


What is Computer Science?

CS is the core fundamentals for software engineering, just as math is the basis for a statistician or physics the basis for electrical engineering. Some important topics in this science are: theory of data structures, algorithms, programming languages, networks, operating systems, compilers, databases, architecture, artificial intelligence, robotics, and graphics. 

In general, Computer Science requires a study of mathematics and some physics compared to Information Systems. It will give you the necessary skills to pursue careers in coding or computer programming.

Key Skills for a career in Computer Science     

  • Strong Background in Computer Coding
  • Written / Oral Communication Skills
  • Analytical Thinking
  • Problem Solving Abilities
  • Organizational Skills
  • Good Mathematics background and ability

What is Information Systems?

As an Information Systems expert you would share a broad responsibility to develop, implement, and manage an infrastructure of information technology (computers and communications), data (both internal and external), and organization-wide systems; to track new information technology and help in the organization's strategy, planning, and practices; and to support departmental and individual information technology systems.

Computer Information Systems is the application of technology in managing the needs of businesses, so you'll get your technical skills to work in a business setting. Students in the Computer Information Systems major learn how to work with and within company IT systems to solve operations issues. That's good news if you're trying to decide between a degree in business and a degree in technology, since you can be able to choose both.

Key Skills for a career in Information Systems  

  • Analytical Thinking
  • Business and Communication skills
  • Creativity
  • Detail-Oriented
  • Problem-Solving Abilities
  • Programming Language Knowledge

Note: to transfer to a 4-year institution and study Information Systems, typically you will be receiving a degree in Business, so look at the Business Transfer requirements.


Which CSIS courses are offered in the fall semester?

Which are offered in spring?


All of the CSIS races are offered in the Fall semester and Spring semester except some classes. CSIS courses are offered in spring semester, fall semester or both. 

Area of Emphasis - Computer Programming


Offered in..

CSIS 112 – Windows Operating Systems
CSIS 113 – Introduction to UNIX
CSIS 119 – Intro to Computer Programming
CSIS 165 - Assembly Language / Machine Architecture
CSIS 250 - Intro to Python
CSIS 293 – Intro to Java Programming
CSIS 294 – Intermediate Java Programming
CSIS 296 – Intro to C++ Programming
CSIS 297 – Intermediate C++ Programming

Area of Emphasis - Local Area Network (LAN) Support Specialist


Offered in..

CSIS 110 – Principles/Information Systems
CSIS 112 – Windows Operating Systems
CSIS 113 – Introduction to Linux
CSIS 119 – Intro to Computer Programming
CSIS 120 - Computer Maintenance and A+ Certification
CSIS 145 – Intro to TCP/IP Fall Only

Area of Emphasis - Web Design


Offered in...

CSIS 110 – Principles/Information Systems
CSIS 112 – Windows Operating Systems
CSIS 132 – Introduction to Web Development
CSIS 133 – Intermediate Web Design Spring Only
CSIS 135 – Javascript Programming
Fall Only
CSIS 151 – Intro to Photoshop
CSIS 293 – Intro to Java Programming

Other CSIS Courses


Offered in...

CSIS 105 – Intro to Computing
CSIS 160 – Intro/Video Game Development
CSIS 172 – Intro Microcomputer Applications

Spring 2018

Looking to Learn About...

Microsoft Office Basics?

Enroll Now!

CSIS 105, section 0118

CSIS 105 is an introductory course for students with entry level computer skills and for those who want to upgrade their skills for school, career and personal enrichment. Curriculum includes hands-on instruction in Microsoft Word, Excel, Access and PowerPoint 2010. Skills covered include file management, how to create research papers, professional memos and letters, flyers, spreadsheets, charts, databases, and professional PowerPoint presentations. Computer concepts topics include Internet, email, and e-commerce; multimedia; ethics and computer security; issues in buying a new computer; new and emerging technologies. This course satisfies prerequisite requirements for CSIS 110 (Principles/Information Systems), CSIS 160 (Introduction to Video Gaming) and most other CSIS courses.

MS Office 2016?

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CSIS 110, many sections available - see class schedule

Intro to Web Development?

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CSIS 132, section 6850

Intermediate Web Development?

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CSIS 133, section 1731

Intro to Networking?

Enroll Now!

CSIS 142, section 6854

Intro to Local Area Networks?

Enroll Now!

CSIS 143, section 6855

Network Security?

Enroll Now!

CSIS 146, section 1739

Intro to Photoshop?

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CSIS 151, section 1336

In CSIS 151 you will learn Photoshop by completing amazing tutorials. You’ll be creating images on the first day! Unlike web-only courses, you will receive in-person one-on-one help when needed to answer your specific questions. This course is not about memorizing steps but instead it’s about understanding how Photoshop really works. After taking this course you will understand why you're doing what you're doing so you can take that knowledge and apply it to your own Photoshop creations. You will be able to print your images or put them up on the web. Regardless of your career choice, working with digital images is a fun and rewarding skill to have!

Video Game Development?

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CSIS 160, section 6863

Intro Game Development (CSIS-160) is a hands-on 3D Video game development class. Students begin game development process by completing game pre-production, creating game proposals, game flow charting, storyboards, game schematics, dialogue, create concept game character art, select game music, and final game design documents. Students will create games and game assets using a variety of development tools. Using 3D Max animation software, student will be introduced to basic 3D game animation and 3D game object creation. Basic intro to 3D game objects using Unity Pro software; usage and keyboard control of game assets. Create a final pre-production game project and complete a basic 2D game.

Intro to SQL?

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CSIS 276, section 0119

Introduction to Computer Programming?

Enroll Now!

CSIS 119, section 0112, 0119, 0134, 0403 or 6836

Assembly Language / Machine Architecture?

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CSIS 165, section 0405

Intro to C# Programming?

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CSIS 290, section 6707

Intro to Java Programming?

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CSIS 293, section 0116, 0406, 6501 6875, 6876 or 9240 

Intermediate Java Programming?

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CSIS 294, section 0117, 1732 or 4013

Android App Development with Java?

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CSIS 295, section 0487

Intro to C++ Programming?

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CSIS 296, section 0122, 6502 or 6877

Intermediate C++ Programming?

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CSIS 297, section 0505

Windows Operating Systems?

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CSIS 112, section 1216, 6831 or 6832

Introduction to Linux?

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CSIS 113, section 6833

Introduction to Linux (CSIS 113) - Get started working towards the Linux+ industry certification. Novell SUSE Linux is rapidly gaining in global popularity, particularly for Internet servers. Learn the basics of how to use this operating system that is being chosen for mission-critical workloads due to its great security features and reliability.

Want to know more about the IS major at San Diego State University and opportunities in the field of Information Systems? Drop by the SDSU IS Major web site On the site you can read an overview of the IS major, see job projections and a salary survey for IS majors and read recent alumni.

Career Links

About This Link

Information Week

This provides a broad spectrum of information about IT jobs, in magazine format. Follow the link labeled 'Career Development'.

This is a well-known computer professional association (the IEEE Computer Society) Web site with a career section.

This is the largest job search engine on the internet. It has lots of job search aids, such as resume writing, career preparation and listings of jobs.

Craig's List:

Craig's list has computer-related job openings listed in a variety of categories. These are some of the San Diego area listings

This is the second largest job search engine on the internet. It has attributes similar to

This is a fine search engine which provides billions of access points to information about opportunities in computing, as well as other areas.

California Employment Development Department

This is the official Web site of the Employment Development Department for the state. It has information about available jobs, as well as how to get them.

Association for Computing Machinery

The world's first educational and scientific computing society, with membership over 80,000 computing professionals and students world-wide.

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Clifton Quinn
Department Chair
Phone: (619) 644-7485
Fax: (619) 644-7922 (please include a cover sheet, as this is a shared machine)

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