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Visual Arts and Humanities

Visual Arts and Humanities

The Grossmont College Visual Arts and Humanities Department with its new state-of-the-art Digital Arts building and Sculpture complex provides fundamental training that will enable students to pursue advanced work in art. The new complex includes classrooms and labs equipped for lessons in photography, digital arts, digital multimedia, media communications, sculpture and 3-D design. Video students now have access to a digital video editing lab; photography students can access a digital photo lab with computers; and art students can choose from expanded offerings in digital drawing and painting. Along with the digital and sculpture side of the arts are drawing and painting instruction, music, ceramics, art history and art appreciation classes.

Students who plan to transfer to a four-year institution should check the catalog of the transfer school being considered. Assistance is available at the Counseling Center or from the Division of Communication and Fine Arts.

The major in art consists of 33 units. There is a 24 unit core curriculum which is required of all art majors. The remaining nine units will be taken in an area of emphasis. All art majors are encouraged to take Art 160, Portfolio and Art Presentation.

Last Updated: 03/14/2017
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