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Dream Center

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The Grossmont College Dream Center was established in January 2016.


Create a safe space within Grossmont College that offers a support system for undocumented students. We aim to promote awareness of the issues and challenges that affect undocumented students in our college and community in order to ensure respect and appreciation of diversity, while promoting equal access to education.

Who We Are

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Dream Center Coordinator/Counselor

kvKatherine Vilchez
Phone: 619-668-1736

Student Ambassador

Student Ambassador Jack EsquibelJack Esquibel
Major: Business Administration/International Business
Hobbies:  Playing all sports, playing drums, piano, and guitar.
When not at Grossmont: You might find me at a Guitar Center looking at the newest music technology or working on community projects with the HOLA club.
Favorite thing about your job: Is seeing that the effort and time put into students is not in vain. I enjoy seeing that our undocumented students are being treated fairly and that they are achieving their educational goals.

Student Ambassador

Student Ambassador Martha AmezcuaMartha Amezcua Lopez
Major: Nursing
Hobbies:  Singing for church, reading, and writing.
When not at Grossmont: I'm enjoying time with my family, getting my praise on at church, or relaxing with a good book.
Favorite thing about your job: Taking away some of the burden and pressures undocumented students face, by helping them access information and resources they need to reach their education goals.

Undocumented Student Task Force

Barbara Gallego
Interim Director of Student Affairs
*Questions about the task force can be sent directly to Barbara*

Joan Ahrens
English Instructor

Nadia Almaguer
Financial Aid Advisor

Martha Amezcua Lopez

Diana Barajas
High Sch/CTE Partner
Middle Sch Connections Coord

Mario Chacon
Associate Dean of EOPS

Martha Clavelle
Dean of Counseling

Michael Copenhaver
Director of Financial Aid

Sara Corral

Jack Esquibel

Michael Golden
Biology Instructor

Pearl Lopez
EOPS Counselor

Pat Palma
World Cultural Languages Department

Lida Rafia
Associate Dean of Student Success and Equity

Laura Sahagun
Financial Aid Technician

Denise Schulmeyer
Communications Instructor

Michele Toval
General Adjunct Counselor

Katherine Vilchez
EOPS Adjunct Counselor

Wendy Woodward
Residency Specialist

Last Updated: 07/24/2017

Location: Building 10, Room 109F (inside the Financial Aid department)

Dream Center Coordinator/Counselor: Katherine Vilchez

Phone: 619-668-1736


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A Member of the Grossmont-Cuyamaca Community College District