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Gerardette Nutt, Program Specialist

Gerardette Nutt, Program Specialist

I have worked in student services on campus for over 15 years and have gained so much from every student whom I have had the pleasure to assist.  I was a nanny before coming to the Office Professional Training program here at Grossmont College.  Once I completed the program, the director gave me the opportunely to work as an hourly on campus.  I then became the Student Services Assistant Senior for OPT, then the Job Developer for CalWORKs program and now the Program Technician.  I so much enjoy the opportunity to aid a student who is making great changes in their lives and hope that I impact their lives for the positive as much as they have mine. 

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What is the Goal of Project Workplace?

To help parents on welfare improve the quality of their lives through education, and meet their personal goals for family economic self-sufficiency.

Who is Eligible?
  • The student must be receiving CASHAID (the actual money).
  • Enrolled in vocational education/training or a major that leads to employment.
What Services Does Project Workplace Provide?
  • Child care funding and referrals.
  • Coordinating costs of transportation, books and supplies, and emergency costs with the County Health and Human Services.
  • On- and off-campus Work Study positions.
  • Personal, academic and career counseling.
  • Supervised tutoring and study time for work participation hours.
  • Support network of student-parents like yourself through the STEP-UP Club.
  • Job preparation/placement services.
  • Coordination with other campus services such as Financial Aid, New Horizons and EOPS/CARE.
  • Coordination with HHSA/Regional employment case managers regarding your Welfare-to-Work plan and 32/35-hour work participation activities.
  • Assistance with any difficulties you may be experiencing in your Welfare-to-Work plan.
  • Assistance in working with your employment case manager.
Steps to Success
  1. Fill out application and return it with a current “Notice of Action” to our office.
  2. Make an appointment with our counselors, to develop your educational plan and Individual Training Plan (ITP) to meet your required work participation hours.
  3. Work with our program specialist, Gerardette Nutt, to determine your child care, work study or job placement needs.
  4. Make sure you understand the expectations/duties required of you, in case any problems arise later.
CalWORKs Staff

Gerardette Nutt               644-7785
Program Specialist
Child Care/Work Study/Job Development

Bill Rapolla                      644-7828
Account Clerk, Senior

Front Office                      644-7552



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