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Online Math 160

Course Notes:

This class is taught online using MyStatLab. Students will need to buy the software by the end of first day of classes to avoid being dropped from class. MyStatLab comes with e-textbook (students are NOT required to buy printed textbook) and costs approximately $65 online (much cheaper than printed textbook).  Students study on their own (can get help at Math Learning Center on campus) using e-material from MyStatLab and videos posted online and turn in homework and quizzes online. Two mandatory paper/pencil exams will be given on campus. Enrolled students will be emailed with further instructions (including exam dates, and how to buy MyStatLab etc.) once the class is set up on blackboard and MyStatLab (approximately 2 weeks before the start of semester). 

Please do NOT take this class if you think it will be easier than a traditional, on-campus class. Math 160 is an intensive transfer-level class. To succeed in this challenging class you must have strong Algebra and Arithmetic skills, stay focused, take charge of your learning, work extremely hard (15-18 hours per week), be a self-motivated learners who does not need prompting in order to complete assignments, and able to balance personal responsibilities with class requirements, You must be proficient in computer skills and good at understanding and following written directions.  For more info. contact Nirmala Kashyap at

Math 160  Online FAQ

Q&A For Prospective Students

1. What is an online course?

An online course is a course that is taught over the Internet. The student enrolled in an online course does not attend class and thus does not have the advantage of hearing the instructor explain the material or of participating in classroom discussions of the material. Instead, the student learns the material by using the resources provided by the teacher, and in general, questions are answered via email and discussions take place on electronic discussion boards. Tests are given on campus in a proctored environment.

2. Is an online mathematics course a wise choice for you?

Online mathematics courses require self-discipline and a solid background in the prerequisite course. If you feel that your preparation is not adequate, you should consider taking a traditional classroom version of Math 160.

3. Is this online course a self-paced course?

No. This online course, like its traditional classroom counterpart, has schedules, deadlines, assignment due dates, and scheduled tests.

4. How do I learn the material?

All course material will be available in MyStatLab. There you will find an e-text, lectures, videos, guided tutorials, homework assignments, quizzes, test reviews and paper-and-pencil chapter reviews to download and work out. To complete the course, you will work your way through seven sequenced lessons that will guide you through the course.

5. How can I learn how to use the MyStatLab software?

There are directions on MyStatLab welcome page to help you learn this information. If you need in person help, please email me and I will be happy to meet with you at Grossmont College Campus.

6. If I take the online course, will I be required to come to the Grossmont College campus?

Yes, you must come to Grossmont for midterm and the Final Exam.

7. Are there any circumstances under which I can take my tests at another community college, college or university?

NO, All exams are given on Grossmont college campus.

8. What are the required materials for this class?

The required material for this class is the MyStatLab Student Access Kit. This kit contains the MyStatLab software as well as an electronic version of the text. You may purchase the kit online at using a credit card, or may purchase an access code from the College Bookstore and then log on using the access code. Detailed instructions about logging in to MyStatLab will be posted on Blackboard and will be available for those who will be registered for the class.

9. What resources are available to assist me in learning the material?

Here are some of the resources available for you

Ø MyStatLab: Use the software to access videos, example problems, step-by-step solutions, the electronic text, and your homework, quizzes and other stuff.

Ø MathLearningCenter Assistance: Instructors and aides in the Math Learning Center are available to answer homework questions that you may have.

Ø Tutoring: Free tutoring is available in the Tutoring Center. To find hours and locations go to the Tutoring Center website.  OR

Ø Office hours and Email Communication: I have online office hours on Mondays from 6:00 pm - 7:00 pm. I also check and respond to emails within 24 hours during the weekdays. I do not check email on the weekends.  I check only Grossmont and MyStatLab emails. Please don’t use any emails other than these two.

Ø The Discussion Board on MyMathLab: Use the discussion board to ask questions and to answer questions of other students in the class. I do monitor these discussions and post responses to unanswered questions. Please remember in using the Board to be kind, generous, and patient with your classmates. All interactions must be appropriate in content and language, as they would be in an actual classroom.

10. How do I get started on the class?

To get started in the class, register with Admissions and Records. You will be emailed further instruction two weeks before the class starts.


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