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Geologic Field Studies - California Coastal Areas

Santa Catalina Island
Geology 164


Syllabus 2017

Itinerary 2017

Catalina Homework.pdf

Here is the November 1984, California Geology article by Stephen M. Roland that you need to read before the trip. Geology of Santa Catalina Island.pdf 

Geologic Overview of Catalina Island Power Point (updated 10/11/13):

Catalina Geology Overview 1.pptx

Catalina Geology Overview 2.pptx

Catalina Geology Overview 3.pptx

Catalina Geology Overview 4.pptx

Geologic Overview of Catalina Island videos (These are older and a bit less accurate than the Power Points above.):

Catalina 1.wmv

Catalina 2.wmv

Catalina 3.wmv

Catalina 4.wmv

Field Trip Guidebook 2013.pdf I will make copies of this and hand it out the day of the trip, but feel free to check it out now if you would like to preview the trip.

If you have Google Earth installed, just open the .kmz file so you can see the geology overlaid on the topography. You can adjust the transparency of the overlays in Google Earth with the slider found under the list of "Places".  You may also examine the field trip routes this .kmz file.


Ancillary links:

Bound-Sanders et al, 1987, Miocene Geologic History of Eastern Santa Catalina Island

Grove et al, 2006, Medial Cretaceous Subduction Erosion of Southwestern North America: New Hypothesis for the Formation of the Catalina Schist

Atwater 1998, Plate Tectonic History of Southern California with Emphasis on the Western Transverse Ranges and Northern Channel Islands

The Monterey Shale: Big Deal or Big Bust (A nice overview of Monterey Shale oil potential.)

Unlocking the Secrets of the US's Largest Onshore Oil Reserves: Monterey/Santos

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