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Currently the following divisions/departments are evaluated through the Faculty Evaluations Office:
  • CTE/Workforce Development (Dr. Christina Tafoya, Dean)
  • Allied Health & Nursing (Debbie Yaddow, Dean)
  • Arts, Humanistic Languages & Global Communications (Dr. Steve Baker, Dean)
  • English & Social/Behavioral Sciences (Agustin Albarran, Senior Dean)
  • Mathematics, Natural Sciences and Exercise Science/Wellness (Dr. Michael Reese, Dean)
  • Learning & Technology Resources (Nadra Farina-Hess, Acting Associate Dean)
  • Counseling (Kristi Kluka, Chair)
  • DSP&S (Dr. Roger Welt, Interim VPSS, Jane Nolan, Chair)
  • EOPS (Jim Tolbert, Interim Assoc. Dean)

Timeline for Faculty Evaluations:


  • At least one week prior to the beginning of the semester each secretary will receive a list of proposed instructors to be evaluated for the semester.
    • Please review this list and let the Faculty Evaluations Office know who should be deleted from this list, who should be rolled over to the next semester (in the event they are not teaching the current semester) and any new hires you receive.
    • This list will go back and forth many times until it is finalized.


  • Census Day - Labels are generated for all instructors teaching classes for the current semester.
    • A list of evaluees and the sections they are teaching is sent to each secretary.
    • Each secretary is responsible for selecting the sections to be evaluated according to their dean/and or chair of each department.
  • No later than the fourth week of classes - the Faculty Evaluations Office shall be notified of all sections to be evaluated for a student component. Faculty Evaluations Office creates student packets for evaluation.


  • By the last day of the fourth week of classes - All packets are delivered to the department chairs.


  • The deadline for requesting a full term or 2nd 8 week online class evaluated is Week 9. An email is sent to enrolled students on Monday of week 10, asking for their participation in the evaluation process.
  • The deadline for requesting an evaluation of a 1st 8 week online class is Thursday of Week 5. Students will have weeks 6 - 8 to complete their evaluation.
  • Enrolled students may evaluate their (full term) instructor from Week 10 to the end of Week 12.
Last Updated: 05/12/2015
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